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      Want the inside scoop on the games you love to play? PlaySmart is your gambling encyclopedia, with information you need to make smart choices and keep the fun in the game.

      PlaySmart’s Play Style Quiz

      Take this short quiz to find out which style of player you are and what games you may like to play.

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      EXPLORE THE PLAY STYLES open in a new window

      Table Games

      Want the insider spin on Roulette? A chance to beat the house in Blackjack? A peek into the mystique of Baccarat? You're in luck.

      Learn all about Table Games


      Why are slots a universal casino favourite? Because there are so many exciting games to play! Before you start, it's good to know how slot machines work and what it takes to win.

      Learn all about Slots

      Lottery & Instant Play

      Who hasn't imagined an Instant or Lottery win? It’s fun to think about round-the-globe travel, sunny skies, fulfilling wishes and dreams. Learn the odds and how to play the numbers here.

      Learn all about Lottery & Instant Play

      Sports Betting

      Want to take a run at sports betting? Learn how to play PROLINE in-store & PROLINE+ online or with the new app. See how to bet, calculate odds & payouts, and more.

      Learn all about sports betting

      Novelty Games

      Looking for something new on your next casino visit? Here are a few games you might not know are on the floor.

      Learn all about Novelty Games

      Charitable Centre Games

      Bingo is a familiar childhood favourite. Today, it's just as much fun. Find out what's new in Bingo and the rules of the game.

      Learn all about Charitable Centre Games

      Online Gaming

      Not sure what online gaming is? Not to worry. You’re just one click away from finding out.

      Learn all about online gaming

      Finding Help

      What is a gambling problem? Learn about warning signs, how to help a loved one, and where to get free support and counselling.

      Find help for problem gambling open in a new window